Communication, Creativity,

Self-discipline & Concentration,

Socialization, Planning and Organizing,

Logical & Analytical Mind

Using LEGO® bricks as teaching tool, we have put together a series of program for children  aged 2 to 8 to optimize their Problem Solving skill.   All of our programs are designed base on specific age group.  In order to achieve optimal learning, children need to be constantly challenged at just the right level.

Connect – Construct – Contemplate – Continue

Children learn best when they can relate to their exisitng knowledge bank.  This is what we call the Connect phase.

By allowing children to Construct things in the real world they are helped to piece knowledge together in their mind.

Taking time to Contemplate allows students to think about what they have constructed, hence deepening their understanding and experience.

After experiencing success, students will want to Continue the learning process by further exploring, understanding and continue learning to find a better solution.

4 years

5 years

6 years




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